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Motorhomes in general are notoriously questionably built and have constant problems in terms of roof safety. To combat this unnecessary commodity, we at Rooftech have developed a proprietary technology to combat these issues. With the use of commercial grade material, we can extend the roof life of your RV, particularly with the application of GacoFlex S42, which has been proven to be 70% more cost-effective than replacement. Better yet, the new roof could be warrantied for up to the life of the vehicle. If you would like to learn more about RV roof coatings in Canton, please contact our team. Beyond maintenance, our export team is able to assist in insurance claims, protecting against third party interference. Whether you are constructing a new home, require residential re-roofing or need leak repair, we are here to help. Contact RoofTechPro, Ltd. to schedule a complimentary roofing estimate.

Recreational Vehicle Roofing Services

Recreational Vehicle Roofing Trailer Roofing

Regardless of the type or build of your RV, most will require a roof replacement in their lifespan. This process is usually exorbitantly costly, and rarely the choice when compared to our roof restoration process. This process can be applied to most type of trailers.

To find out if a RV trailer coating can help extend the life of your vehicle, contact RoofTechPro at (330) 366-1370.

RoofTechPro, Ltd. is continuously developing new processes to extend the life of motorhome and RV Roofing. Our commercial grade Gaco silicone coatings extend existing RV roof life to save owners thousands of dollars. Contact us at (330) 366-1370 to learn more about our RV roof maintenance and repair coatings or to request a complimentary estimate.